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Some student success stories.

Aged Care & Counselling Course This course filled a missing gap not offered as part of the TAFE module for both the Certificates III in Aged Care and Home and Community Care (HACC). During my time working with Uniting Care Ageing, I found myself wanting more knowledge and understanding especially towards the process and impact of grief and loss for many of my elderly clients. I searched through several advanced educational systems for the particular area to be studied and understood. I decided using Careerline Courses being satisfied had how the modules covered a very wide area regarding the grief and loss counselling areas.

Maria-Jane Tilt

Aged Care and Counselling Graduate

Animal Behaviour Course This has been a very valuable learning experience for me. This module covered exactly what I need to know for animal behaviour and has given me some great tools to continue working with for future courses/volunteer work….Stop thinking about it and just do it!! I have been putting off going back to school due to work commitments, I thought I would not have enough time. I also kept thinking that I had missed the boat to start a course as I am now 30. I ended up getting sick of my self saying I had no qualifications and decided to do something about it! Careerline Courses offer such a variety of courses, there really is something to study for everyone.

Melanie Reid

Animal Behavior Graduate

Marine Aquaculture Course I went into this course, unsure of myself, but leave the course finished and feeling accomplished. The tutors for this course are very knowledgeable within this field and provide great insight into not only the topics presented but also within the field itself.

Wesley True

Mariculture Graduate

Cat Psychology & Training Course If you are a Veterinary Nurse or thinking of starting a Cattery or you even work in a Zoo, I strongly believe this course to be of excellent value and it will improve your overall knowledge of feline psychology so you can better treat or care for them in the future.

Kate Hall

Cat Psychology and Training Graduate

Why Study Online Courses Australia?

Which courses can I study online?

Thanks to online learning, it’s now possible to complete a self-paced online course on a variety of subjects. Animal care, nutrition, psychology, life coaching – the possibilities are endless. And because they’re all completed online, you can study where it suits you, when it suits you.

Are online course certificates worth it?

Completing an online course can definitely be worth it. That’s because online course certificates demonstrate more than just knowledge – they also demonstrate a deep commitment to personal development. But the benefits of online learning go beyond certificates, and online study provides a boost to students’ confidence and self-esteem.

What are the best online courses?

The best online courses combine high-quality study programs with excellent tutor support. Both aspects are vital if you want to learn online successfully. It’s important to select an online course that’s right for you, as an individual. Start by looking for a course provider whose methods suit your learning style.

Can I get a job with online courses?

Many people take online courses to help get a job, and most employers look on additional online training favourably. If you want to find the best courses to take to get a job, then it’s best to focus on subjects linked to in-demand sectors.

Which professions are in demand in Australia?

Many high-demand jobs in Australia fall within the health care, nursing, social care and psychology sectors. Traditional industries, like agriculture and construction, also show strong demand. As awareness of green issues rises globally, demand for professionals in the environmental and conservation sectors is likely to grow.

How can I learn more about Careerline courses?

You can start by using the links above to find the course you’re most interested in. If you’re having problems choosing, this guide should help. When you’ve selected the right self-paced online course for you, you can learn more about us, read testimonials from our students, or explore our FAQs page.