How do our courses work?


If you have any questions about our courses please contact us at or give us a call on +61 7 5536 8783.

Many people come to us asking how do online courses work. There are several ways an online course can function and most of these are variations on the more traditional correspondence and/or distance learning style.  Some online courses are emailed to you lesson by lesson. Other providers, like us, host their courses online.


At Careerline Courses, we host all of our courses offerings on our server.  When you enrol, we simply make you an account and enrol you into your selected course. We then email you your account details. When you log in, you simply click on your course and then you will be able to access the whole course. We lay out the course from Lesson 1 onwards, and each lesson is grouped with any Self-Assessment Tests (if available), Assignments, and also with the Assignment Upload link.


Students are able to then either read their course notes online (as PDF), or download and save them to their computer to either print or read at a later date. Assignments can be uploaded online – generally most students submit their assignments as a Word Doc or a PDF (although we can accommodate other file types).


When you submit an assignment online, you tutor is automatically emailed a notification of your assignment. They can then download it, mark it and then upload it back online. Once they have done this, you will be automatically emailed. Your marked assignment will then be available for you when you next log in.


Some of our students find it difficult to read notes and course content online. To assist our students with this we also offer the course as printed notes. This is similar to traditional correspondence courses, where the course is sent out to you as hard copy and you (the student) then send your assignments in as hard copy by post. At Careerline Courses, we like to give our students the best of both worlds so all of our students get online access and we can also supply the course as hardcopy notes. Many of our students find this is the perfect combination, online assignment submission plus printed notes they can read easily at any time.


Careerline Courses does not accept posted assignments unless by prior arrangement and with the $200 correspondence course option admin fee having been already paid on enrolment. This is due to the long delay with postal turnaround times and handling costs. The student needs to scan and email assignments to student administration email that will be provided.


Careerline Courses as an online education provider prefers to transact all of our study through modern online learning management systems. However in special circumstances, for example when a student is unfortunately incarcerated or has some learning disability, we can make arrangements for traditional correspondence methods through Australia Post (a correspondence service fee will apply).


When you enrol in a course with Careerline, you will also be sent a welcome email from your tutor. We find this works well for our students, so they would know who their tutor is and they have their email address. Our students are free to email their tutors with questions about their coursework and assignments. Generally, we find the success of an online course really depends upon the relationship built up between our students and their tutors.