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Workplace Skills Short Courses

Building an Online Business

Business Etiquette

Business Succession Planning (Development & Maintenance)

Business Writing That Works

Call Center Training: Sales and Customer Service

Code of Conduct: Setting the Tone for Your Workplace

Communication Strategies

Conducting Accurate Internet Research

Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

Creating a Google AdWords Campaign

Cybersecurity: Fundamentals for Employees

Delegation: The Art of Delegating Effectively

Developing a Lunch and Learn Program

Developing a Safety Procedures Manual

Disability Awareness: Working with People with Disabilities

Diversity Training: Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

E-Commerce Management

GDPR Readiness: Creating a Data Privacy Plan

Generation Gap: Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace

Getting Your Job Search Started

Hiring for Success: Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

Human Resources Training: HR for the Non-HR Manager

Identifying and Combating Fake News

Introduction to E-Mail Marketing

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Managing Customer Service

Managing the Virtual Workplace

Mastering the Interview

Measuring Training Results

Orientation Handbook: Getting Employees Off to a Good Start

Purchasing and Procurement Basics

Skills for the Administrative Assistant

Telemarketing: Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool

Training with Visual Storytelling

Transgender Employees: Creating an Inclusive Work Community

Understanding and Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Women and Leadership: Owning Your Strengths and Skills

Workplace Harassment: What It Is and What To Do About It

Writing Reports and Proposals


Choose a Course

Choose a Course

Aquaponics Short Course

This course gets you started, providing a sound foundation from our team of academics who have decades of experience with aquaculture and hydroponics. What to expect: Aquaponics combines plant cultivation with aquaculture to produce edible plants (eg. vegetables, herbs, fruits) and animals (eg. fish, crayfish), from the same system. It can be a highly productive, […]


What to expect: The applications of Artificial Intelligence are many, from business, agriculture, healthcare and so much more. Understanding the essentials of what Artificial Intelligence is, how it works and the many ways it can be utilized, will help you be prepared for the future. This course leads you to understand scope and application of […]



If there is a story or something you want to write about in a blog, this short, online course will help you understand not only tips for writing your blog, but also promoting and marketing your blog. WHY WOULD YOU START AND KEEP A BLOG? Building their writing skills through practice Marketing a service or […]


Building an Online Business

Everything needed for a successful online business workshop What to expect: The internet has changed the way that we work, live, shop, and play. This Building an Online Business short course walks students through the process of planning and launching their own online business. Students will learn how to identify opportunities for an online business; […]


Business Coaching Fundamentals

What to expect: This short course teaches the key aspects to be considered when starting out as a business coach. A professional business coach finds themselves part of a growing international industry whose aim is to help clients succeed. The role of a coach is to collaborate with a client to understand the problems in […]


Business Etiquette

With Business Etiquette: Gaining that Extra Edge courseware, you are providing your students with the tools they need to succeed in the business world. What to expect: Business Etiquette: Gaining that Extra Edge can make a huge difference in the lives and careers of trainees. In this course, students will learn to manage otherwise awkward […]


Business Succession Planning

With Business Etiquette: Gaining that Extra Edge courseware, you are providing your students with the tools they need to succeed in the business world. What to expect: Aimed at human resources professionals and executive leadership, Business Succession Planning will help prepare for the ongoing viability of their business operations. This course will assist participants with […]


Business Writing That Works

Good writing is the memo that gets action and the letter that says what a phone call can’t. What to expect: In business situations, most of us will have to write, whether this involves emails, proposals, memos, or letters. And in business writing, the language needs to be concrete, the point of view clear, and […]


Call Center Training Sales and Customer Service (Short Course)

Train your call center employees how to effectively provide top-notch customer service. Teach employees verbal communication techniques, how to define the customer and the client, probing question techniques and more! What to expect: The success of Call Centers depends on well-trained agents who understand the best ways to listen and be heard. Each customer interaction […]


Choosing Garden Elements

Understanding how to use structural features such as arches, pergolas and pavilions are essential in landscaping. What to expect: Other elements are also important to consider, such as choosing the proper plant varieties for each location; maintaining plants in confined spaces; deciding what water features available in the market can be used in landscape, adjustments […]



Why study online courses?

Studying online gives you the power of flexibility and convenience. You don’t have to be anywhere at any specific time. We help you study at a time, place, and pace that suits you. Online short courses are especially suited to those who are short on time and need to get their qualification without delay.  Online short courses also allow you to turn hobbies into something more, kickstarting the learning process and opening the door to endless career and networking possibilities.

Are these online short courses right for you? 

Not sure whether or not a course is for you? With Careerline Courses, and especially with these online short courses you can test the waters before you commit to a longer course of study.  We also understand that desires and needs change with time. That’s why we remain flexible to help you out as much as we can.

We work hard to offer a vast range of courses on almost anything you can think of. From environmental introductory short courses to creative writing, editing, business, project management, sales success, and so much more, we’ve got an online short course for every taste and a price for every budget.

Who are these short courses courses for?

These short courses are for everyone who wants to learn and anyone with a desire to learn but not the time or money to commit to a longer course of study.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

No, all our short courses assume no prior knowledge and are designed as a practical guide to help you learn. 

How long are these short courses?

These online short courses should take approximately 20 hours of study to complete.

Ready to get started?

The benefits of online short courses are endless, and your journey begins with the decision to sign up. Choose a course today to start learning at a time that suits you – whether it’s during a lunch break or at night with a hot cup of tea.  Each course we offer dives deeply into the topic at hand, leaving nothing out of place to satisfy your desire for premium education in Australia. Enrol now to experience the Careerline Courses difference for yourself!


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