Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is not accepted.

If you copy part of a sentence or quantities of sentences, word for word from the internet, a book, magazine, course notes or anywhere else this is considered to be plagiarism.


Plagiarism is considered by most credible academics around the world to be unacceptable; and for this reason Careerline courses cannot issue a formal pass and qualification to anyone who practices plagiarism.


It is in the interest of our graduates that we take a firm stand against plagiarism. The value of the studies you pursue, and the qualification you and other students attain, is dependant upon an anti plagiarism policy.


Plagiarism is easily detected by tutors marking papers, through the use of web searches; changes in writing style and tone and depth of technical content.


If plagiarism is detected in any work by a student, the incident will be noted on the student’s records. They may be asked to rewrite and resubmit their work.  If assignments need to be remarked due to plagiarism the student will have to pay for remarking.


If a student continues to plagiarise after being warned, they are not going to learn as much as they otherwise would from the course, and as a result it is inappropriate to give them a pass.