Why Study with Careerline Courses?

Learning is not the product of teachers.  Learning is the product of the activity of learners.  J. Holt.

There are so many online courses on offer, its an overwhelming process and one that can be costly if you make the wrong choice.  At Careerline we are confident that we offer the best experience for non-accredited learning the industry as to offer and here’s why…

Our People

We carefully hand pick our tutors, not just for their academic qualifications but for their love of sharing their passion!  All the qualifications in the world mean nothing in a tutor without the love of helping others grow and learn.  A good tutor must have the qualities of empathy, passion for their subject, a joy in helping others learn, they must also be organised and provide timely support, as there’s no point for a student seeking help and having to wait for weeks to get an email back!   Our tutors love what they do, and they love helping our students grow and reach their potential.  If you haven’t studied for a long time, feel a bit unconfident or just want to know that your tutor has your back, then studying with Careerline Courses is for you.   You’ll know who you tutor is right from the start and be able to get a conversation going with them about what you want to achieve with your studies.

Our director, Honor McGregor has been in the online learning space since the days of hand coding HTML (that’s something like 20 years).  She’s worked for TAFE, Universities and private organisations, having written courses, created online courses, managed LMSs (Learning Management Systems), created corporate e-learning and helped others learn and grow.   Honor is passionate about providing quality experiences at the best price for our students.  Honor’s own understanding about what it means to be a student in today’s world drives our approach of providing the most flexible courses and study experience so that your study fits around you, not the other way around.

Our Support

Without the right support online learning can fall flat on its face.  It’s the connection with your tutor that can make the difference.  Our tutors love to provide the support needed for you to succeed no matter your background, your educational experience or where you want to go.  Most of our tutor support is done by email.  Why?  Well we don’t employ tutors who aren’t engaged in their field in some form or another.  We want our tutors to be current on their topic, to be active and excited.  Just like you, this means our tutors are not sitting around in our office waiting for a phone call!  Our tutors generally reply to all student emails within 24 hours (business days) and some will do so even on weekends but that’s their choice, while assignments are marked within 7 (business) days.  This kind of support means you can stay on track with your studies.   If you don’t believe us just check out some of our reviews and testimonials.

Because we want you to succeed all our students also get a free course on writing and we’re working hard to prepare other resources to support our students.

Our Courses

Our courses work. It’s true. But like any study, it will only work as much as you do.  It might seem simple, but don’t be deceived.  If you work, you will learn.  We offer a huge range of courses which are all topic focused.  This means you don’t have to do endless repeats of WHS, Working in a Team and so on.  That’s right, no compliance topics.  You just get to focus on the juicy topic that you love.  After all, its why you wanted to study.

Our online courses are carefully designed by a range of industry experts to give you exposure not just to the academic subject (which is just so interesting in itself) but also to the industry (why, why, how, where and what).  They are designed to be as practical as possible for an online course all without work placement!     And if that’s not enough, they are also designed to encourage you to learn.  This is the true gift hidden in each course.   Knowing that  you can learn anything you need to is an incredible insight that can empower you for a life time.   We know that many of our students haven’t learn this about themselves before they started with us, so we encourage our students and support them to start where they are today and to build on that bit by bit.  It’s a great feeling for us when our students finish a course and gets that feeling of “I can do it!”

Our History

Careerline Courses has been online since 2011,  and in that time,  we’ve helped thousands of students just like you fulfill their dreams.  Careerline Courses is based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia but we have students enrolled from all over world and from all walks of life.

Our Speed

Once you’re enrolled, we’re quick to get you started,  most enrolments are processed within the hour.   Our courses are hosted on state of the art, secure data hosting premises based in Sydney and Los Angeles (this is a green-data center) which are optimised to run at lightning speed ensuring your access is easy, painless and secure.

Why we are better than our competition

Same product, different experience.  Yes, it’s true, there are a lot of other providers out there offering similar products, so what’s the difference?  Careerline Courses’s passion is for our student support, our industry experience and knowledge, our flexibility and our desire to see you succeed (and of course our budget friendly payment plans!).

Why Careerline’s courses may be better for you than a TAFE course

Many students contacts us wanting to know if we offer TAFE (or government accredited) courses.  The answer is No, we just couldn’t offer the prices and service we do if we were.  Now, that’s not to say that TAFE courses aren’t still good value and there are many excellent providers out there.  But it’s not what we do.  TAFE or government accredited courses focus on qualifications for a specific job – which is great if that is what you need.  We focus on courses for learning.  Can you see the difference?  In many cases after talking with a prospective student it’s apparent they don’t need to spend up and get a TAFE course, they just to start with something more manageable in both commitment and cost.  If you find yourself in a similar circumstances and are not sure on where to start, call us on 1300 882 172 and let’s have a chat about what you want to achieve and if we’re a match for your needs.