What do our Students Say?

We care what our students think about our services!  We think you should too.

That’s why we’ve posted pages of  real extracts from our student feedback (completed students only) for you to read.

Gregory Palmer

Improved my knowledge. Helped me to research things both for the course and for me to use at home.

Alternative Energy Graduate

Kelsea Rosalie Moreton

I feel this course would be great for beginners, for those individuals who have no experience/knowledge on the outdoors, I also feel this course would be great for a younger age class, such as 15-20 yr old individuals who have an intrust in the environment.

Sherryn Micallef

I would encourage them to do this course as I believe it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It's easy and great that you can get help if you need it during the course and love that you can work on it whenever you liked and complete the course as fast as you wanted to.

Animal Grooming

Jennifer He

I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues and friends. It's a very valuable course in terms of writing techniques, specific comments from the tutor and excellent services and supports.

Jennifer He Efficient Writing Graduate

Victoria Cound

I believe the course was a valuable learning experience for me as I was unsure on whether I would want to go further within the in Psychology department.  After doing this course I cannot wait to start my next one and development my knowledge on this particular subject.

Victoria Cound Introduction to Psychology Graduate

Chris Stephenson

I learnt what is important and what is not important when taking landscape photos and that I have a definite preference for monochrome.

Suzannah Smith

Great course for anyone wanting an introductory level Xero certificate.

Lisa Smith

I had help when I needed it and could work through the course at my own leisure. The texts supplied were very informative and all assignments were straight forward.

Caitylyn Beggs

I thoroughly enjoyed my course!! Found it easy to understand!

Karen Asher

My whole purpose was to get a better understanding the workplace health and safety aspects which it did achieve.

Counselling Skills A (Introduction) Online Course Workplace Health & Safety

Bianca Sessions

it was very informative and I learnt a lot about the industry. Feedback and support was fantastic. The information my tutor gave me after sending off assessments, help greatly.

B. Sessions Beef Cattle Course Graduate

Christopher Stitt

I think there are a lot of options and for someone like me who has been trying to get into the vet nursing industry but not able to find the 15 hours work required this was a great bridge to build on my skills, knowledge and confidence. I have now been accepted into vet nursing based on having the confidence through the course to find voluntary work in a vet clinic

Christopher Stitt Animal Behaviour Graduate

Wesley True

The course most definitely is a valuable learning experience for me. I went into this course, unsure of myself, but leave the course finished and feeling accomplished. It met my expectations. A very valuable learning experience with a wide range of topics covered. The tutors for this course are very knowledgeable within this field and provide great insight into not only the topics presented but also within the field itself. The tutors for this course are very knowledgeable within this field and provide great insight into not only the topics presented but also within the field itself.

Samantha Tointon

Im really enjoying the courses. as I have said before. You dont hand feed the student information, they have to look for it themselves through other means. This I think is important as it make the student think outside the box so to speak. I cant wait to complete more courses with your team.

Mikayla Rawlings

My tutor was so lovely, always giving me positive feedback and very useful comments if it was obvious i had struggled in the module. She also went into depth to explain anything to me which i found very helpful as i could gain even more knowledge!

Mikayla Rawlings Equine Behaviour Graduate

Katie Hall

the final assessment ‘Recovery Plan’ was a good challenge and i enjoyed this.

Katie Hall Wildlife Conservation Graduate

Kevin Lawrence

Definitely worthwhile.

Michelle Isbister

If you have an interest or love for dogs then it's a perfect course. It provides a great building block if you wish to maybe progress to other courses in animal care, whilst giving you the ability to structure your study around your lifestyle. It's certainly changed the way I interact with dogs especially now I have more of an understanding of why they do the things they do, signs and symptoms of illnesses along with causes, anatomy and job industries dealing with dogs. It wasn't a chore to study but thoroughly interesting and enjoyable.

Michelle Isbister Dog Care

Tracy Bell

Yes and even more so when I actually landed a job working at a vet clinic. It gave me a better understanding of certain situations and how to interact/handle some of the animals.

Animal Health Care Graduate

Elizabeth Pidoto

just thanks, I enjoyed it and looking forward to using what I have learnt.

Elizabeth Pidoto Cat Psychology & Training Graduate

Peter Warren

Yes and was better than I anticipated. It will assist me greatly going forward in my current role as a fertiliser sales and advisory role.

Peter Warren Agronomy Graduate

Erin Hodgkinson

Definitely enroll, I felt very confident in my studies.

Barry Lindsay Day

Definitely worth doing and not overly priced

Sarah Toon

Highly recommend the course, it's well structured, support is excellent and a course that can be enjoyed.

Sarah Toon Animal Behaviour Graduate

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