Below are answers to our most commonly asked questions.

If you don’t find any answers, feel free to get in touch with us.


Do you have start dates?

No start dates, you may start at any time. It wouldn’t make sense as all our courses are online and self-paced!  As our home page says,‘Courses for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime’‘. Anytime includes the start time of your choice.  However, we do encourage our students to submit assignments on a regular basis. And wherever possible, we suggest developing a study routine that has some consistency, whatever works for you.

Please feel free to contact our course advisers, who will be happy to assist you to work out a routine to suit your lifestyle.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, however full payment is the most cost effective with an up to 20% discount.  You can find the course prices and payment plans on the individual course pages.

Do we get a discount if we enrol in a second course?

Yes. You may claim a 5% fee discount when you enrol in a second course, and a further 10% off a three-course package.

What happens if I have to stop studying for a while?

It’s OK to take a break and start up your study at a later point in time. Just let us know.

Do I need any extra books?

NO. You are supplied with all essential materials. However, extra books are always useful, especially for special projects. Tutors will advise you what to buy, [or borrow from a library], if you decide you would like to get any extra books. Please enquire regarding any suitable further reading materials.

Can I study from anywhere in the world?

Careerline range of courses are suitable for any one, basically anywhere in the world, even if English is not your first language. If your English is at a level where you don’t feel confident, the modern translation programmes available online and free can usually come up with a near perfect transcript [at least for Latin-based scripts (e.g. Spanish, Italian, English, French, etc.).

The fact that you can study from the comfort of your own home means that home can be anywhere, even a yacht, [we have a number of traveling students]. The course content is relevant to almost any country, culture or economy, and if differences are required to be factored in, your experienced tutor will be able to make all the necessary adjustments.

Because Careerline’s courses are certified by the IARC, an international recognition council, they are globally relevant, both for employment and self-advancement purposes.



How often may I contact my tutor?

As often as you need. Careerline does not put any time restrictions on your tutor contact hours. We strongly encourage developing a dialogue between our tutors and their students. Email is especially efficient for this.

How do I contact my tutor?

E-mail students@careerlinecourses.com, or when you enrol, your tutor will send you a welcome email so you’ll be able to email them directly.

What if I want to change tutors?

If you feel that you need to change your tutor, please let us know. Our system of study works best with a strong relationship between tutor and student. We will be happy to change tutors for you where possible.


Do I have to sit an exam?

If you are enrolled in a Certificate course (100hrs), the exam is optional. You will be issued with a certificate which proves that you are competent in all units, if you choose not to sit the exam.

If you wish to have this certificate considered for recognition of prior learning through an RTO, university etc, you will need to sit the exam. This will be duly noted on your certificate.

Do I get graded on every assignment?

No. Our assignments are what is known as ‘formative assessment’. That means the tutor is looking to see that you understand the subject and are ‘on track’ with your studies. You will receive feedback from your tutor, corrections whenever necessary, and suggestions if you need some assistance.

Do I have to pay extra for Exams?

Yes. There’s an exam fee of $55 AUD.

If I do a Careerline Course do I get AQTF* recognition?

All RTO’s within the Australian AQTF system are obliged to recognise any prior education, training and experience you have at the time of application for RPL with that RTO, however conditions may apply and RPL application procedures will need to be followed.

Careerline Courses is not an RTO and Careerline course range are not AQTF certified. They are certified by the IARC, an international recognition body for independent education providers. The courses are eligible to be submitted for RPL.

Centrelink Payments and Careerline Courses

Any students wishing to enrol and needing information about their payments are advised to contact either their Job Network Providers (JNP) or Centrelink directly.

Careerline Courses and Education Pty Ltd is not responsible for decisions made by JNP or Centrelink.

It is our understanding that the majority of our courses may be suitable as activities for Job Seekers. However, this will vary depending upon the students/job seekers relationship with Centrelink. Please check with Centrelink or your Job Network Provider before enrolling if you are concerned about your payments. Please be aware that Careerline course products are not eligible for the AuStudy or Vet FEE-HELP assistance schemes.

Centrelink website: http://www.centrelink.gov.au/internet/internet.nsf/home/index.htm


How can someone who is isolated deal with practical tasks?

Courses are written to cope with the widest range of situations possible, from people living in remote locations to someone confined to their home due to illness or disability.

Example: We may ask you to visit a workplace and observe something; but in the case of restricted mobility, you can make a virtual visit via the internet or by reviewing a place through an article in a magazine or newspaper.

If the course does not provide an option that is achievable, you should contact your tutor. If your situation prevents you from doing something (e.g. being disabled, ill, living in isolation, or in prison), we will set an alternative task.

This must be dealt with on a case by case basis though, as every situation is different.

A small number of modules (e.g. Workplace Project, Industry experience) however, cannot be satisfactorily completed without certain practical tasks in the field.