About Careerline Courses

Learning is not the product of teachers.  Learning is the product of the activity of learners.  J. Holt.

Careerline (or CLC) has been in business since 2011. We offer over 360 subject specific Certificate Courses online for adult learners with great features such as self paced study, the choice of online or correspondence (just pick printed material when enrolling) and of course all come with full tutor support from our incredibly talented tutors.  We try to employ tutors who are active in their field, so support is by email, we’ve found this to be very effective.


Our mission is to provide affordable, flexible education to anyone, anywhere, anytime! We believe that education should be available to all and that no education is wasted.  We are passionate about giving straight up advice on what are the best options for our future students and if we don’t think a course if right for your purposes we’ll tell you.


We aspire for our students to learn to learn, to be become life long learners.  To become people who know and have the confidence to understand that they can learn anything if they put their mind to it.  Many of our students may not have studied for a while, many lack confidence, but we aim to show them that its possible.  They can learn and they succeed!


You can enrol all year around.  It only makes sense since our courses are online and self-paced!

Great Services


Custom Courses

If you have specific interests or needs in your study and would like to customise a course or stream of study just email us at info@careerlinecourses.com to consult with our academic administration staff.

Flexible Study Time

We don’t operate with pretend enrolment quotas, with online learning it doesn’t make sense!  At Careerline Courses enrolments are open all year around, so there’s no time pressure.  Enrol when it suits you.  


Awesome Student Support

We’re proud of our great team of tutors and our administrative team.  We employ tutors who really want to share their passion.  This is best for our students.  Our Admin team is always on hand to help out when needed.