Assignments and online learning

As you would be aware our courses are self-paced and are designed for adult education.  This means that most of our students submit assignments are fairly irregular times, although a few do submit them like clockwork.  Generally we recommended that students

a) don’t rush their assignments, they are deceptively simply!

b) submit only one assignment at a time.  we’ve long found that students who wait to get their feedback before submitting the next assignment do better,

c) don’t plagiarize (we don’t accept it, but more on that in another post) and

d) email your tutor if you’re stuck!

e) If possible we also recommend that students make a schedule and try and stick to it such as one assignment/month.

Students who follow these simple guidelines do tend to have a higher completion rate and get a lot more from their studies.

So, recently we had a student who complained that we didn’t follow up with them to see why they weren’t submitting assignments after a considerable break.  This has always been a tricky point for us.  Some tutors are in favour of chasing up after students who don’t submit regularly while others are not.  Some students consider it invasive if we do – after all they did enrol in a self-paced course with the right to submit when they feel like it.

Considering the fact that the majority of our students are adults (and are therefore responsible for their own organisation) and that the courses are self-paced.  What’s your opinion on this?  Do you think it would be helpful to receive a follow up email if you haven’t been submitting or would you find this intrusive?  Leave a comment below.

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