Training and Upskilling to increase your Value [and it’s Tax Deductable]

End of Financial Year, Tax time, is anyone [employees and business] thinking of ways to increase the earning potential over the coming year?

How about Education and Training?

The end of the Financial Year – busy time! Busy for staff and workers, all considering their careers and possibly ways to increase their earning potential [apart from the usual tedium of tax returns].

Busy for the business directors – considering the next year’s direction and the potential in training and upskilling their staff to increase the skill-sets available for delivering a better, broader and more profitable service.

Careerline Courses has had a promo in place, which will be continuing, for individual students starting a small business to get our STARTING A SMALL BUSINESS course, or any appropriate course of choice at a special price.

We would like to extend such an offering to larger business who might like to put a group of their employees through one of our online courses together. We recently had a such a group doing ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION and another on TELEPHONE AND ONLINE COUNSELLING (SHORT COURSE). This interaction & group feedback raised the whole online learning experience to a new level!

Careerline Courses’ course range, whether it be something like Careers Coaching, Stress Management, Project Management or Internet Marketing [to put a few examples on the table], are all straight forward and accessible courses, and well suited to group style ‘corporate’ learning.

So with that in mind, we offer the following discounts, till 30 Jun 2021:

  • 1 Course for $525 (code: EOFY525)
  • 2 Courses for $999 (code: EOFY999)