Instructional Skills Online Course

Instructional Skills Online Course
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Learn the important skills for instructing and training staff.

  • Learn how to train staff on the job.
  • Learn how to research, develop and write a training program
  • Learn how to develop a style of delivery for that training
  • Learn how to assess your students
  • Learn how to assess the effectiveness of your program

Course Aims:

  • Analyse the communication effectiveness within a training environment.
  • Explain characteristics which influence the effectiveness of education, including aspects of both learning and teaching.
  • Define training requirements for a specified workplace.
  • Prepare for commencement of a training session.
  • Develop a lesson plan for training a small group (less than twelve).
  • Develop skills in the assessment and evaluation of training programs.
  • Demonstrate the use of audio-visual equipment for lesson presentation.
  • Demonstrate the instruction of a learner in a one-to-one situations.
  • Determine the use of simple motivational skills in a training environment.
  • To promote training and monitor the result of promotion.
  • Prepare trainees to meet the requirements of the competency standards for assessors.


Detailed Course Outline

There are 11 lessons in this course:

Introduction to Training

  • Communication channels
  • Skills for an effective communicator
  • Responsibilities of a trainer to achieve effective communication
  • Main approaches to helping learning; psychodynamic, phenomenological, behavioural, cognitive-behavioural and transactional analysis
  • Understanding communication barriers
  • Trainer responsibilities beyond communication
  • Leadership concepts
  • Public speaking skills
  • Causes of confusion
  • Writing a speech to communicate a learning point

Understanding Learning

  • What is learning
  • How learning is influenced by the teacher, student and materials
  • Learning terminology
  • Teaching strategies
  • Common teaching modes
  • Class size
  • Teaching models
  • Questioning
  • Recognizing the learners needs
  • Adult learners
  • children/adolescent learners

Determining Training Requirements in The Workplace

  • Assessing Needs
  • How to gather information
  • How to use the information you gather

Commencing Training

  • Arranging resources
  • Administration
  • Planning
  • Training program support

Developing a Lesson Plan

  • Lesson aims
  • Structure of a lesson plan
  • Contingency planning
  • Writing a lesson plan

Assessment and Evaluation of Training Programs

  • Assessment
  • Tests and examinations
  • Assignments
  • Evaluation of training programs
  • Evaluation checklist

Training Aids

  • Overview
  • Using audio visual equipment
  • Visual materials; illustrations, whiteboard, charts etc
  • Audio materials
  • Handouts

One-To-One Training

  • Leadership communication
  • Tutorial sessions
  • Conversation development
  • Motivation for learning
  • Self esteem
  • Reinforcement
  • Trainer relationship building
  • Body language

Motivation Skills and Techniques

  • What is motivation
  • Motivational theories
  • Improving motivation
  • Competency

Promoting Training

  • Overview
  • Persuasion
  • Influencing opponents
  • Influencing neutrals
  • Handling criticism
  • Logical persuasion

Assessor Training

  • Recognition of Prior learning
  • Evidence
  • Assessor training
  • Research skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Asking effective questions

When you have completed the lessons of your Certificate course, you will be given the option of taking the optional exam. It's okay if you don't want the exam, we still issue your Careerline Certificate. For Advanced Certificates however, the exam is compulsory (per module) and are included in the course fee.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I pay in installments?

    Yes! We offer great payment plans, however full payment up front is the cheapest. You can choose the best payment plan for you from the course page, or call us on 07 55368782 to talk to one of our course consultants for a custom plan.

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    No. If you are enrolled in a Certificate course (100hrs), the exam is optional. You will be issued with a certificate which proves that you are competent in all units, if you choose not to sit the exam.

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