Flexible Study with Online Courses: Why it Matters…

It’s been one of those weeks.  It’s been one of those years.  Everything keeps changing direction, from north to south and then back again. I adjust to one thing and it completely changes direction again. Honestly, it’s been hard keeping up emotionally, financially and physically.

Even in the last month here at Careerline, one of our admin staff (they are our real genius’ btw) had to take time off for an operation, another one is studying as well as working and yet another is a sole parent.   I myself was edging ever close to Tim Ferris idyllic 4 hour work week (ha, more like 24 hour work week).  After 18 years of raising children, my nest was emptying.  I was just about to set up the Patrol with solar, batteries and get ready to start working from where ever I found myself.  Sweet freedom was in my sights, but the unexpected return of my youngest child has ended that!

What does this have to do with online learning?  Everything!

Disruption happens, to everyone. We hear from so many students trying to cope with the challenges of unexpected disruption to their lives.  The majority of our students have children, lives, commitments, jobs and other responsibilities.  One of the most important things our students have told us is that they need flexibility above all.

They need:

  •  Flexible start dates – they can enrol when it suits them
  • Self-paced home study – they need the option to work at their own speed at a time that is best for them such as when the kids are asleep, or their weekend off from a responsibility etc.
  • The option to put a course on hold –  they need the ability to ‘freeze’ their course if they find their other commitments are just too demanding
  • Flexible payment plans – they need a payment plan that’s right for them.
  • Understanding student support – they need student support services that listen and understand!

If an online course can’t give you this flexibility is it going to work for you?

At Careerline Courses we really try to listen and understand what is going on for our students and to accommodate them as much as possible.  Sometimes we just can’t, but most of the time we can.  We understand that disruption happens, that our students are people not numbers and that they have other responsibilities and commitments and that things don’t always go as planned.

Have you experienced disruption to your plans lately?

Here’s to staying flexible..

Honor McGregor

Director, Careerline Courses