#StayAtHome: Internet Marketing in Uncertain Times

In the past few weeks, the Australian business landscape has been turned upside down. With many people self-isolating or quarantined indoors because of COVID-19, fewer people are purchasing from brick-and-mortar stores, and exposure to traditional marketing mediums like outdoor, cinema and print advertising has decreased. On the flip side, consumers are spending more time online, which means they are being exposed to more digital advertising. Businesses and sole traders are being forced to change the way they market themselves and their products.

In this blog, we’ll outline the benefits of implementing or revising your digital marketing strategy, and why internet marketing should be a core component of every sole trader and business owner’s marketing strategy during this unprecedented time.

1. Keep Your Audience Informed
Unsurprisingly, Google Trends data indicates that people are searching for COVID-19 and related terms more and more frequently. This indicates that consumers are actively seeking out content and information related to the pandemic. By creating content that relates to both your business and the virus, you’ll be able to keep your audience informed while providing content of value that your audience wants to read. It’s essential that you choose the correct tone to write your posts and emails – you don’t want to come across as uncaring to your audience who may be experiencing hardship. Be sympathetic to their circumstances and try to connect with them as valued members of your online community. You must also carefully consider the timing of your posts – for example, don’t share a post about going out with friends if your audience is effectively in lockdown.

2. Create Brand Awareness
More consumers are spending time at home than ever before, which means they’re scrolling through their social feeds and checking their emails more frequently. On top of this, businesses are reporting that their cost per impression (CPM) for advertisements on social media has decreased since working from home has become the norm for many people. The combination of these two factors presents the perfect opportunity to connect more people with your brand and increase brand awareness. Create content that is likely to appeal to a broad audience, as this content is the most likely to be shared by those who are exposed to it. You should also consider purchasing social media advertisements to promote your content. This will ensure as many people are exposed to your name and brand identity as possible, and your business’ name and logo will remain top-of-mind for any future purchases.

3. Build Connections
As a business owner or sole trader, it has never been more important to create genuine connections with your digital audience. Many of your readers, listeners, and viewers are having a difficult time right now, and they appreciate being treated with compassion. If your business is in a position to do so, consider offering discounts on your goods and services. Whether in the form of vouchers, discount codes, or free shipping, a small discount in these financially uncertain times will be appreciated. Offering discounts will both encourage purchases and develop a connection with your audience, who know that you are paying attention and are aware of their circumstances.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting all of us in unprecedented ways. We are all being challenged – it’s our current reality.

But Careerline Courses is a customer-centered, and we stand by our commitment to you. Please stay safe and smart during these trying times.

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