The Benefits of a Multicultural Workplace

Diversity in the workplace is far more than just a trend. More and more companies, from local businesses to multinational corporations, are making a conscious effort to ensure their workforce is culturally and linguistically diverse. As it turns out, there are some very good reasons why diverse workplaces are becoming more commonplace! In this week’s blog, we’ll be exploring just five of the many reasons why multicultural workplaces are better for both employees and businesses.

1. Inspire Innovation and Creative Ideas
Cultural diversity at all levels of a company, from entry-level to upper management, creates the perfect environment for creative, out of the box ideas to form. A study by Harvard Business Review discovered that teams comprised of ethnically and linguistically diverse members typically had more creative and innovative approaches to solving problems. The different cultural and linguistic backgrounds of diverse team members mean that each team member is influenced by each other’s unique perspectives. Creative ideas are what sets one business apart from the rest, so a team that solves problems in unconventional and innovative ways is an invaluable asset!

2. Understand International Markets
If you’re considering expanding your business into international markets, hiring a diverse workforce is an essential first step. Employees with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds can provide unique insights into potential international markets that a less diverse workforce could not.

Hiring employees who speak the local language and understand the culture will ensure you are able to communicate effectively with people and businesses in your chosen target country. Consulting diverse employees when creating marketing material and making significant business decisions will ensure you avoid embarrassing translation errors, culturally insensitive content, and social faux pas!

3. Increase Productivity
According to research by McKinsey, ethnically diverse teams are 35% more likely than similar companies with less diverse teams to earn a profit higher than their national industry average. The unique skill-sets that each member of a culturally diverse team means that team members can work more efficiently than a less diverse team. Culturally diverse teams are also, on average, happier than the average team. This is, in part, because colleagues enjoy sharing their cultural traditions with each other. From cooking holiday feasts to teaching each other words in their native languages, cultural diversity helps to foster positive relationships between employees. This creating a more positive work environment and happier employees. And as we know, a happy employee is a productive and motivated employee!

4. Make Recruitment Easier
A survey by employment review website Glassdoor found that culturally diverse workplaces are viewed more favourably by prospective employees. In fact, 67% of people surveyed stated that workplace diversity was one of the most important factors they consider when choosing a company to work for! This means that, when you’re searching for your next superstar employee, you’ll have an easier time finding them if your work environment fosters cultural diversity.

5. Decrease Turnover Rates
Research has proven that celebrating diverse cultures at work encourages employees to stay with a company longer. So, you can reduce staff turnover rates, decrease long-term expenditure, and create a productive, motivating, and positive work environment just by encouraging diversity!

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