Online, Short Courses you Can Finish in a Day

If you want to upskill but don’t have the time to study a certificate or degree, an online short course could be perfect for you! Careerline’s short courses teach valuable skills in just 20 hours of study. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of studying an online short course and four of the many short courses we offer:

Why Study an Online Short Course?


Online short courses are a quick, inexpensive, and effective way to learn a new skill. If you want to upskill or change your career path but aren’t ready to commit to a longer certificate or degree, online short courses are a great place to start.

Studying online is more flexible than in-person study – it adapts to learning styles for auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners through classes making use of multiple types of media like printed, video, audio, class assignments, discussions, written essays, and much more.


One major advantage of distance learning is the course flexibility, a great advantage for people with a busy schedule. The opportunity to organize your work as you see fit lets you take your own time with the things that really interest you, or review things you’re still unsure of whenever you feel like it.


Online courses are usually significantly more affordable than other on-site classes –  no physical campus or extra curricular fees to pay for; and the study materials are easier to update and disseminate. Then being able to allocate more budget in investing on tutors. Here at Careerline Courses, we take pride in our tutors. They are all top-shelf, full time practicing professionals so students get experience-proof assignment feedback.

How Do Online Short Courses Work?

All of Careerline’s online short courses are self-guided and take only 20 hours of study to complete. Our courses typically have between 6 and 8 lessons, each covering a different topic. After completing the lessons in each course, our students take an online exam to test their knowledge. If you achieve a passing rate of 60% or more on this exam, you will obtain a certificate of completion.


1. Short Course for Dog Owners
  • What you will learn: Careerline’s Short Course for Dog Owners will teach you everything you need to know to understand and care for dogs. Using this knowledge, you will understand how to choose the right dog and breed for your needs. You will also study the biology, basic health needs, grooming requirements, and psychology of dogs. Finally, you will learn about the many career opportunities in the canine industry, including grooming, breeding, training, and handling.
  • Recommended for: for dog owners of varying experience levels. Whether you’ve owned dogs for years or have just brought home your first puppy, our short course will teach you something new. In addition, this short course is suitable for anyone considering adopting a dog or who hopes to work in the canine or animal healthcare industry.
2. Short Course in Animal Health and Welfare
  • Course overview: Careerline’s online Short Course in Animal Health and Welfare is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of common diseases and illnesses that affect animals. In this 7-lesson course, you will study the symptoms of these health issues, as well as how to prevent them. Students also learn basic animal first aid, including treating different types of wounds, addressing bone and joint problems, and administering care to wildlife.
  • Recommended for: Current and aspiring zookeepers, animal shelter staff, farmhands, wildlife carers, and more will all benefit from the knowledge taught in this course.
3. Short Course in Telephone and Online Counselling
  • Course overview: Careerline’s online Short Course in Telephone and Online Counselling will provide you with an understanding of remote counselling techniques. In over 8 lessons, you will learn about the ethics and legal aspects of counselling remotely. You will also study the basics of counselling via telephone or online platforms, including reasons why people seek remote counselling, establishing boundaries, ending therapeutic relationships, and remote communication techniques. Lastly, students learn about the limitations of remote counselling, as well as how to start working as a remote counsellor.
  • Recommended for: This course is also suitable for those who want to learn counselling techniques to help themselves, loved ones, students, or customers. This short course is a popular choice for employers who want to help their employees improve their online and telephone customer service skills.
4. Short Course in Managing Stress
  • Course overview: Careerline’s Short Course in Managing Stress will teach you techniques and strategies to help manage your own stress levels and those of people around you. You will learn how to manage your stress levels, self-esteem, and negative emotions at home and at work. This course will also familiarize you with symptoms of mental health issues like anxiety and depression, as well as their causes; as well as managing negative emotions like shame, guilt, and self-doubt.
  • Recommended for: This course is an excellent self-improvement tool to help you manage your mental health more effectively. It teaches techniques that are beneficial to counsellors, educators, health professionals, and other professionals working in high-stress positions.

Has any of these online short courses caught your interest? CONTACT US today – Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to assist with your queries. Whether you study one of this week’s featured courses or others from our broad and diverse range, there’s never been a better time to start learning than right now! 🙂